Artist Jay Rolfe
Painting, Sculpture, and 3D Mixed Media

Jay Rolfe Artist's Statement

My passions are love, beauty, spirit, and personal freedom. In my life and work I explore my passions, the joy in my soul, and the profound mystery of the universe in which we live.

I usually use paint on canvas to express my passions, the joyful explorations of my soul, and the awesome nature and mystery of the cosmos. Sometimes I create a sculpture or a 3D painting.

I take a playful, minimalist approach to my art. I search for the essential feeling, the essence, and strive to show that in my work. I usually use vibrant colors, I often use humor, and I occasionally make a political statement.

My goal is to uplift the spirit, nourish the soul, show awe of the mystery, and create beauty using color, shape, and humor. I trust that my hope, humor, and vision show in my finished work.

Jay Rolfe with Two Hearts Together in his living room.

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